Protect backup files from Wannacry ransomware attacks


Ransomware: To pay, or not to pay?

CryptoLocker attacks are not outdated. Various media outlets reported "More than 200,000 victims in over 150 countries". The magnitude of the Wannacry and Wannacryptor ransomeware attack was unprecedented and occurred during the weekend of May 13th to the 15th, 2017. Cyber-security experts forecast further attacks in the coming weeks.


Some victims pay, however they don't know if the key they received will unlock their data or for how long. Could they be targeted again?


Don't forget Wannacry and Wannacryptor ransomware isn't limited to encrypting only the data on your Server, but it also attacks and encrypts the data on your NAS, SAN, or any other data stored on network connected devices, including your backup files!


The NetJapan team has done significant research into how you can best protect your backed-up data. Our recommendations are:

  1. Install the latest Windows patch. More info here
  2. Protect all your PCs and servers with an adequate and up-to-date antivirus solution.
  3. Have a copy of your backups files stored outside of your network!

Because no antivirus solution can ensure 100% protection, your backup files are your company's safety net!


Learn how to best configure your backup schedule and replication tasks by keeping a safety copy on a USB drive, at an offsite location or in the Cloud.


Want to find out more? Download our CryptoLocker/ransomware tech tips for free.


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Cybercrime: Insurance companies coming online

The press makes mention of the millions paid out by victims to these cyber blackmailers. It is already possible to insure your company against cybercrime at certain specialist insurers - yet another case of paying millions - it won't be long until coverage of this sort goes mainstream.

But how many companies can afford to invest not only in keeping their data secure, but also in an expensive insurance policy?

Note: This information is sourced from various press releases, news journals and from customer feedback.

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