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Free tools


Free backup and disaster recovery tools from NetJapan


2 minute failover

ImageBoot is NetJapan's latest failover solution for Windows servers and workstations that ensures downtime will never last more than a few minutes.

ImageBoot is a free add-on module for all clients with a licence of:

  • ActiveImage Protector Server Edition
  • ActiveImage Protector SBS Edition
  • ActiveImage Protector Cluster Edition
  • ActiveImage Protector Desktop Edition
  • ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition (Unlimited - Cloud - Single)


Image Management for your NetJapan disk images

ImageCenter™ LE is a stand-alone image management tool that offers scheduled  onsite and offsite replication for your ActiveImage Protector and vmGuardian backup images as well as incremental file consolidation for ActiveImage Protector.

Download your copy here.

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