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Windows backup, restore & migration


ActiveImage Protector IT Pro Edition:  The IT Technicians' toolbox


No software installation required

All functions and features run directly from the media where you have created ActiveImage Protector IT Pro Edition. No need to install any agent on any system.


Multiple media support

ActiveImage Protector IT Pro Edition can be used on CD, DVD, USB and as an ISO file on the network.


All-in-one: Backup, Recover, Restore, Migrate & Virtualize

Backup and restore entire systems to new or dissimilar hardware using the Architecture Intelligent Restore (A.I.R). Retrieve files and folders, virtualize from physical environments or migrate to physical hardware: P2P, P2V, V2V & V2P.


Unlimited usage

Backup, restore, migrate, virtualize as many machines as you like: desktop or server, on physical or virtual environments!


Create small backup files thanks to efficient deduplication

The Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC) goes beyond simple compression. By excluding redundant blocks of data, backup images are much smaller in size, reducing storage demands. Deduplication occurs during the backup process (not post-backup) and has very limited impact on backup and restore time!


Test the "recoverability" of backup files in as little as 2 minutes

ActiveImage Protector IT Pro Edition includes ImageBoot to test backup files in an instant and boot them in a virtual machine from Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware or Oracle VirtualBox environments.

Can also be used to create test environments.


Hot manual consistent image backups 

No need to shut down systems or applications to make a backup! Create an exact point in time backup of your entire Windows physical or virtual machines that include Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and any other VSS aware applications.


No more "It was all working fine before"...

Protect your work by backing up any system before operation. This way, if an application or software update causes conflict with the system, or if a hardware/power failure occurs, you are assured the system can be restored to the state it was before the update was introduced or the technical operation was conducted.


Backup features

  • Cold-imaging of an entire static Windows machine
    Useful for capturing a clean system immediately after installing a Windows OS.
  • Fast backup with Smart Sector technology 
    Smart Sector technology enables fast backup of only used sectors, saving space by reducing the size of subsequent backup files.
  • Encryption of backup image files
    Your backups are safe and secure thanks to 256 bit encryption.


Restoration & Migration features

  • Fast Bare Metal Recovery
    The advanced Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) feature dramatically speeds up disaster recovery thanks to ActiveImage Protector's lighting fast recovery engine.
  • Restore to different hardware or hypervisor
    Restore P2P, P2V, V2P and V2V using ActiveImage Protector’s Architecture Intelligent Restore (A.I.R.) feature.
  • Virtualize to VMware and Hyper-V
    Easily convert to VHD, VHDX and VMDK file formats.
  • Customizable IT Pro Edition Creator
    Create your own easy to use bootable media using the new creation wizard. Build custom boot environments and add machine specific drivers to the existing extended list of drivers.


Additional features

  • Command line execution 
    Most features can be launched directly from the command line Interface (CLI).
  • Support for latest OSes and technologies
  • Support for legacy OSes
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Not sure the IT Edition is for you?


Automated backups & DR

Other versions of ActiveImage Protector allow you to program backup tasks to run in the background and use them to restore data and / or systems in case of disaster. Several versions are available to fit your needs: ActiveImage Protector for Windows machines (Server, Essentials, SBS, desktops, VMs), for Linux and an host-based solution for Microsoft Hyper-V.


Where to buy a license of ActiveImage Protector IT Pro Edition

Become a NetJapan partner: We offer both perpetual / outright and subscription based licences to fit resellers, VARs and Managed Service Providers.

Contact us by phone or fill in our form and we will direct you to the nearest NetJapan partner in your area.

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