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USB based OS deployment tool


NEW SOLUTION: ActiveImage Deploy USB


Simplify and Streamline the Deployment Process

An ideal solution for setting up new systems to include custom software and hardware configurations across a number of computers.


Easy-to-use Wizard

A straightforward wizard to guide you through creating a bootable USB Flash Memory device with ActiveImage Deploy installed and ready to use. 


Easy Deployment

Configure the Deployment USB device to begin deployment automatically or set to one-click for image creation or image deployment.


Use ActiveImage Protector Backup Images

Embed existing ActiveImage Protector backup image files for deployment.


  • ActiveImage Deploy USB uses a WinPE based boot environment
    Supports a wide range of drivers and hardware configurations.
  • Power-on the computer, one click offers image creation and recovery
    In the course of using the bootable USB memory device, one click offers creation of the master image and another click offers deployment of the master image. Your IT engineer is free from any set-up operation.
  • Built-in “Auto-Start” feature
    The USB memory device is can be configured to “Auto-Start”. Boot up the computer by using the USB memory device and the master image file is automatically deployed. 

  • No need for deployment server or configuring network settings
    You only need to plug in the USB memory device and power-on the computer. ActiveImage Deploy USB eliminates the need for network connections and a deployment server.
  • Backup images are stored in the same USB memory device
    The created Images are stored on the USB memory device eliminating the need for additional storage devices to be connected. Additionally, existing ActiveImage Protector backups can be imported for deployment.  
  • Flexible license distribution
    Easily allocate licenses to each created USB memory device for both image creation and image deployment. 
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Test ActiveImage Deploy USB


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Automated backups & DR

Other versions of ActiveImage Protector allow you to program backup tasks to run in the background and use them to restore data and / or systems in case of disaster. Several versions are available to fit your needs: ActiveImage Protector for Windows machines (Server, Essentials, SBS, desktops, VMs), for Linux and a host-based solution for Microsoft Hyper-V.


Where to buy a license of ActiveImage Deploy USB

Become a NetJapan partner: We offer both perpetual / outright and subscription based licenses to fit resellers, VARs and Managed Service Providers.

Contact us by phone or fill in our form and we will direct you to the nearest NetJapan partner in your area.

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