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Backup and Recovery for Windows

Be DisasterReady with ActiveImage Protector for Windows

Protect data, systems and settings

sector-based backup

Sector-based backups for physical & virtual machines

Image snapshot agent-based technology that performs hot backups on all machine data: OS, programs, files and folders, settings, ActiveDirectory, SQL, Exchange and any VSS aware applications. Users are not interrupted by this background process.

replicate backups to cloud, offsite, onsite, network

Unlimited onsite / off-site / Cloud backup replication

Use the provided ImageCenter LE add-on to send backup image files to local folders or network shared folders (CIFS/Samba/SMB), and off-site to any private or public Cloud location via WebDAV (HTTP/HTTPS), FTP, SFTP, FTPS and Amazon S3.

Backup testing: automated & reliable

Automated backup tests

Automated backup "recoverability" testing

ActiveImage Protector can be programmed to automatically boot newly created backup files as Microsoft Hyper-V or Oracle VirtualBox VMs and notifies you in the event of boot failure. This way, the integrity of the backup files are verified and ensures recoverability in the event of disaster.

Manual backup tests

See for yourself

Use the integrated ImageBoot add-on to boot any backup file as a VM into a Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware Player/Workstation or Oracle VirtualBox. This process takes as little as 2 minutes and allows you to see with your own eyes, new or old backup files are valid and can be restored at a future date. ImageBoot can also be used to create Test environments.

Easy use and management


Easy to use: all in 3 clicks

Set up backup jobs in 3 clicks, restore in 3 clicks, virtualize in 3 clicks... ActiveImage Protector is simple to install, implement and use.


Push install agents easily

Use the Push installation to install ActiveImage Protector agents to all the machines on the network and activate licenses in one go. You can then manage all agents via a Central Management console.

Full Business Continuity and advanced deduplication

Deduplication on the fly

Unparalleled inline deduplication

Dramatically reduce backup storage space demands, as well as backup and restore windows with our Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC).

Business Continuity

Covers entire Business Continuity process

All backup and recovery needs, as well as virtualization, migration and emergency switch-over options, without forgetting failback processes are integrated in ActiveImage Protector.

Be up and running in less than 5 minutes

New Virtual Standby Availability

Virtual Standby Availability

Creates automatically updated boot points with scheduled incremental snapshots directly to a VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V Host. When a disaster strikes, the virtual standby replica (VSR) can be instantly started (in two minutes according to our test results). Change boot point if necessary! Works alongside any backup solution!

2 minute failover

Emergency 2 minute failover

Use ImageBoot to boot backup files from physical or virtual machines as a VM and use it as emergency machine while restoring or operating a failback. This operation is simple to implement even in cases of extreme stress to hurry to get machines up and running ASAP: drivers are automatically installed and works with Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware Player/Workstation or Oracle VirtualBox.

Flexible restore and virtualization options

recover machines remotely

Restore entire systems remotely

Connect to the Recovery Environment from anywhere in the world with the Internet-based remote access and support of your choice and recover any protected machine on the network. Perfect to reduce restore time if the IT administrator is not on site.

granular recovery of files and folders

Recover files and folders in seconds

No need to restore the entire machine to recover files and folders. Use the file recovery wizard to quickly retrieve granular files and folders including access privileges. Alternatively, simply access them with a double-click in Windows file explorer through our ImageExplorer (included).

bare-metal restore to different hardware

Flexible high-speed bare-metal recovery to same or dissimilar hardware & hypervisors

Included Recovery Environment to restore your entire systems from / to any hardware or virtual environment. The intuitive wizard guides you through all the steps.

restore to smaller partition. or bigger

Restore to same size, bigger or shrink to smaller partition

Flexible restore to same size or larger drives or easily migrate to faster smaller SSD drives.

Optional: Complete ActiveImage Protector with...

Add-on module

vStandby AIP

Reliable Instant Disaster Recovery options for unlimited number of Windows and Linux machines. Install to any machine on the network, vStandby AIP uses ActiveImage Protector backup files to boot in as little as 2 minutes a Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESX(i) environment.

Download a fully functional 30 day version

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What ActiveImage Protector do you need?

IT Pro

Supports physical machines

- -

Supports virtual machines


Supported systems
Detailed info

Windows Server 2003 & above

Windows Essentials
SBS 2003 & above

Windows desktops XP & above

Windows desktops XP & above

Same as Server, SBS, Desktop Editions for VMs

Same as Server, SBS, Desktop Editions for VMs

Same as Server, SBS, Desktop Editions for VMs

Microsoft Clusters

Same as Server, SBS, Desktop, Virtual Editions

Hyper-V 2008 & above

Additional information


For Home-users








Looking for something else?


vStandby AIP: Instant Availability using less resources

vStandby AIP is an optional add-on. Installed on any machine on the network and converts ActiveImage Protector Windows or Linux backup files into virtual disks for VMware or Hyper-V and are updated automatically. This way, you have a Standby Vritual Machine (SVM) ready to boot should disaster occur!

IT Technicians' dream

Backup any machine before operating any change or upgrade, create test environments, migrate, virtualize... It's all possible with ActiveImage Protector IT Pro Edition, our unlimited backup and bare-metal restore toolbox for IT technicians.


Host-based solution for Hyper-V

ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V is our agentless Backup and Disaster Recovery software for Microsoft Hyper-V (2008 and above): Install it on the host and automatically protect all virtual machines. 

Protect RHEL and CentOS machines

Program sector-based backups of Linux machines with ActiveImage Protector Linux including hot backups of MySQL, replicate backups for free to any onsite and offsite locations and perform bare-metal restore. 


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Where to buy a license of ActiveImage Protector for Windows

Become a NetJapan partner: We offer both perpetual / outright and subscription based licenses to fit resellers, VARs and Managed Service Providers.

Visit our Online Shop to purchase ActiveImage Protector Server, SBS, Desktop or Personal Editions. 


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