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Free tools for ActiveImage Protector


***NEW*** Boot backups instantly with HyperBoot


Boot backup files as a VM in 2 minutes

Be DisasterReady and boot any point-in-time backup image (full or incremental) as a virtual machine in minutes, providing an alternative availability solution to bridge the gap between disaster and recovery.

Eliminate business downtime caused by lengthy physical to virtual conversions or restore processes.


1 tool → 3 main usages

Its flexibility and speed makes HyperBoot the ideal tool for:

  • Emergency failover
  • Backup testing
  • Test lab environment


DisasterReady tool for any environments

HyperBoot is so flexible that it allows you to boot any Windows and Linux machines from physical or virtual environments in seconds. It is compatible with any ActiveImage Protector versions including agent-based and agentless options.


Supports Hyper-V, VMware and VirtualBox

NEW: Boots backup files from any environments as a virtual machine in VMware ESXi!

HyperBoot also supports Oracle VirtualBox, VMware WorkStation, VMware Player, Microsoft Hyper-V Windows based hypervisors.


Get machines available instantly and remotely

No need to be on site to use HyperBoot and start a VM from a backup file. Save time by operating this process from a remote location is now possible.


Ideal performance

HyperBoot bypasses the lengthy, resource intensive, and cumbersome physical to virtual conversion process, and boots directly from the backup. It doesn't require any resources from the source protected machines.

On top, changes made while running virtual machines from backups are saved as differential backup files. This allows for a more current restoration.


Free & included with ActiveImage Protector

HyperBoot is entirely free-of-charge and is included with the ActiveImage Protector trial and full software package ZIP file.

It can also be downloaded on its own before for update purposes; it only work in combination with the NetJapan ActiveImage Protector solutions.


HyperBoot replaces ImageBoot

ImageBoot disappears to make room to more flexible HyperBoot. 

Upon installation of HyperBoot in the system environment in which ImageBoot is configured, ImageBoot will be automatically deleted. Please note that the settings configured for ImageBoot will not be migrated.



  • As a “spare wheel” to run servers temporarily in the event of failure or while hardware is repaired or upgraded.
  • Test your Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives.
  • Perform mock disaster drills to verify recoverability.
  • Identifying and isolating the point of failure by performing Postmortem Boot Analysis (PBA) of the backup image and incremental files.
  • Temporarily run a replacement server while performing hardware migration or upgrades.
  • Virtual migration testing.
  • Test system or application upgrades prior to deployment to a live environment.
  • Verify the integrity of a backup image files.


Additional info:

  • Use VMware vMotion Live Migration to effect “recovery on boot” of a HyperBoot™virtual machine to a hypervisor in a production environment.
  • Supports uEFI and drives over 2TB in size.
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Easy to use instant availability solution

Click on image to zoom

 Step 1: Drag & drop the backup file chain to boot in the desired hypervisor

 Step 2: Choose the point-in-time, source and target systems

 Step 3: Boot the instantly created VM


Instant VM creation scenarios with HyperBoot


HyperBoot in a local environment


HyperBoot in a remote environment


ImageCenter LE: Full onsite & off-site protection with automated backup testing


Unlimited replication: onsite, offsite and to the Cloud

Replicate backup files to local folders or network shared folders (CIFS) and offsite to any private or public Cloud location via WebDAV (HTTP/HTTPS), FTP, SFTP, and Amazon S3 (requires AWSCLI) in order to keep a copy of your backups at different locations and be better protected against disasters. 


Automated backup testing

More than backup verification, NetJapan backup testing allows you to check the integrity of backup files and of their content by booting them as VMs automatically after creation. Ensures the "recoverability" of backup files and simplifies the Disaster Recovery Plan.

Consolidate backup chains onsite and offsite

Reduce the overall clutter of numerous backup chains by consolidating incremental files. This process reduces resource consumption and increases reliability in the restore process.

Included free with ActiveImage Protector

This free add-on is included in the installer of both the ActiveImage Protector trial and the full software package. It can also be downloaded on its own for update purposes and works only with the NetJapan's ActiveImage Protector software.



Stand-alone solution with no impact on source machine performance

Tasks are offloaded to a dedicated system, greatly reducing resource demands on the source machine.


Set & Forget

Schedule it all and let replication, consolidation and backup testing happen. Set up the notification to be informed only on task failure in order to not miss any possible glitches.

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Scenario example


Local backup & offsite replication for Physical Environments

  1. ActiveImage Protector is installed on two servers and is saving backup image files locally (ex. NAS or local RAID) 
  2. ImageCenter is installed on another server, where it automatically performs scheduled consolidation and local or off-site replication tasks for these backup image files.
  3. In the event of disaster or system failure, NetJapan's ImageBoot can be used to instantly boot an ActiveImage Protector backup file as a fully-functional temporary replacement machine, without requiring a lengthy P2V conversion.


Download our full installers for free

ImageCenter LE and HyperBoot are included in the ActiveImage Protector solutions as explained on our feature comparison table.

You can also download these free full installers below. They will work alongside ActiveImage Protector trial or full versions.

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