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Strategic Partners

VMware Technology Alliance

We have been a VMware partner for several years now with our vmGuardian host-based backup and DR solution for VMware's ESXi platform.

We have recently added integration of VMware environments to our vStandby, ImageBoot and ImageCenter solutions, the first two for instant availability and failover using a VMware virtual machine to boot a server from scratch in a few minutes in case of a disaster, the last one in order to replicate vmGuardian backup images to an offsite location, to a private cloud and to a public clouds such as Amazon S3.

Redhat Business Partner

We partnered with Red Hat in order to provide open source machines with a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution. Some people say that Linux never crashes, but can you ensure the hardware it is installed on will never suffer a failure? Or can you be 100% certain that theft or a natural disaster will never take place? For these situations our ActiveImage Protector Linux Edition is available to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS users. Find out more here.

NEC is one of NetJapan's long term partners. We adapted our ActiveImage Protector solution to fit NEC's specific needs, resulting in ActiveImage Protector for Express 5800/ft Virtual and ActiveImage Protector Cluster Pro for Windows and Linux.

We value our relationship with NEC who have always been of great help with testing and using our reliable backup and disaster recovery solution in their internal productive environments.

Kroll Ontrack logo

NetJapan has teamed up with world leader Kroll Ontrack to offer ActiveImage Protector users the PowerControls for Exchange add-on module. Not only can you restore a server from scratch with our solution but you can choose to restore only a part of a Microsoft Exchange Server thanks to Ontrack PowerControls.

Learn more about the Ontrack PowerControls module for ActiveImage Protector here.

Server-Eye logo

NetJapan and Server-Eye are joining forces to jointly develop a custom sensor to facilitate monitoring of NetJapan's backup and availability solutions.

Server-Eye's Remote Management Monitoring (RMM) solution works proactively in the background and alerts users to potential system errors, allowing them them to quickly respond to IT disasters. 

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