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Success stories


Why they chose NetJapan as their favorite backup and disaster recovery solution

"One of our customers's network got attacked by Cryptolocker via the proxy server despite antivirus beeing installed on the proxy server and local PCs. Unfortunately the user who opened the infected file had administrative rights and as a result, all the company relevant data got encrypted. Fortunately, we had installed ActiveImage Protector Server on this business critical server and the encrypted files were completely restored within the shortest possible time. Many thanks again to Martin Widera (NetJapan support technician) and the rest of the support team for guiding us through the restore process. His help was quick and unbureaucratic."
— Ralf Erker
"We had a CryptoLocker attack and NetJapan backup saved us."
— John Pepper
Missing Link
“I had the chance to test the pre-release of ActiveImage Protector 2016 and must say, I am really impressed with the modern dashboard and the many options it provides for running and checking backup jobs. But beyond just looks, it is apparent that NetJapan’s development team worked really hard to deliver something truly new! For example, the improved deduplication and unlimited offsite replication features are really critical to us given the large amount of customer data we manage. All in all this is a great tool – technicians, resellers and even end users will find it easy to use. I strongly recommend you have a look at it.”
— Bernhard Peter
NetJapan Reseller, Motum5 Systemhaus GmbH
"What brought us to NetJapan are their DR and Backup solutions, what made us stay, however, is their excellent service and support. We were fed up with sending support emails that are maybe answered 3 days later. At NetJapan we can be certain we get a call back immediately and one of their product experts will stay with us until the problem has been resolved.”
— Konrad Becker
Conny Becker Computer GmbH
"I've been testing NetJapan ActiveImage Protector and I'm pretty impressed with the deduplication functionality. Even when used at the medium (recommended) setting, there was a considerate space saving over Windows Server Backup (WSB). Using a Windows 2012 R2 that included two small VMs we ran some tests against WSB: WSB backed up the host and VMs in 2 hours and used 187GB of disk space; NetJapan reduced this to 108GB and 1hour 40 minutes."
— Geoff Aukett
F14 Help
In our experience, products developed in Japan are high quality and this is also true with ActiveImage Protector. We could not find a solution with a better deduplication / compression ratio! Also the backup speed is faster then what we have seen before … and we have tested quite a lot of software! Our technicians loved it from the beginning and we have decided to select it and offer it to all our clients as a backup solution.
— Andreas Epple
CEO, ECHO-IT (Reseller in Germany)
“It’s been great to work as a consultant with a company that understands the backup and recovery needs of today’s businesses. The products NetJapan has produced are some of the best performing and most reliable I’ve ever seen.”
— Jamey Kirby
Microsoft MVP, Developer of the first Windows based snapshot technology and outside consultant for NetJapan, Inc.
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