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NEW - ActiveVisor
Manage and Monitor ActiveImage Protector Agents
ActiveImage Protector 2018
Save up to 70% in storage space
Best data deduplication with minimal impact
on backup windows and restore time.
NEW! ActiveImage Deploy USB
A Most Excellent New Image Deployment Tool!
Virtual Standby Machine Availability
With vStandby or vStandby AIP,
a standby virtual machine is ready to
switch-over in less than 5 minutes if needed.

Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions for all


All Business Continuity needs covered by 1 solution

Onsite backup Unlimited replication Backup testing Instant availability Repair, restore Failback Cloud


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What brought us to NetJapan were their Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. What has made us stay is their excellent service and support. We were fed up with sending support emails that are only answered 3 days later. With NetJapan we can be certain to get a call back immediately and one of their product experts will stay with us until the problem has been resolved.
— Konrad Becker
Conny Becker Computer GmbH
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