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- We test Cloud backups
- Double protection, not double licence cost
- Less storage space needed using deduplication

Jump safely into Cloud Backup Services

Saving backups offsite is unavoidable since the introduction of the European GDPR. 

The simplest option is to automatically replicate backups to the Cloud in a datacentre. But what's the purpose of storing backups even in the most secure datacentre if you do not know if they can be restored?

We monitor and test backups live!

  • Consistency checks
  • Bootability tests
  • Real-time monitoring
  • 24/7 Cloud backup status

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Double safety, not double price

  • Program onsite backups
    Should a file get corrupted or a small disaster happen, backups are easily accessible and restored.
  • Replicate backup offsite
    Protect end-customers from bigger disaster with added protection. This is why GDPR made it mandatory, to increase security!
    With us, you do not need additional software licence to store multiple copies of data and systems! If you already have a licence of NetJapan software installed, simply add the services you need
  • Choose your offsite location
    We are happy for you to use NetJapan Swiss Tier III datacentre but you can also choose to use another location within your company, or save a copy of backup files or RDX drives kept in a safe.
  • Starter Kit for SMBs
    Special package for IT Resellers and MSPs to be able to provide high quality Cloud services to small and medium organisation at very attractive price. 

Service details


Compatible with any ActiveImage Protector licence model – outright, MSP monthly and yearly subscription licences.


Tier III datacentre located in Switzerland. 

Cloud monitoring

When storing in NetJapan datacentre, the following processes can be included:


Easy-to-follow how to guide to setup backup replication to our Swiss Cloud.


Reduces Cloud storage space.

Consistency check

We verify the backup chain content is readable. Consistent backups can be used or opened.

Notification Email/SMS

We alert you in case of failure.

Monthly report

Use it to bill the related end-customer or share it with him as proof of service.

24/7 live backup status

Access it from our secure Partner Portal.

Additional services

Cloud boot check

Tests de bootability of backup files once a week to ensure no driver glitch or any boot issue will prohibit you from starting your backup file should a disaster strike.

Local monitoring

Live analysis of backup creation, replication and licence status.

Update / Upgrade service

One of our technicians remotely install latest builds of ActiveImage Protector at your convenience.

Recovery services

A technician restores backup files with the channel partner remotely in case of a disaster.

Local software installation

A technician installs and configures all NetJapan licences and services via remote access in your name, making sure the best settings are used.

Handling charge HDD to/from datacentre

Can be used to either copy a full backup file and send it on an external hard drive to our datacentre when the bandwidth is limited, or to receive backup files from the datacentre in case of disaster.

Setup charges

One-off fee, per end-customer.

More on Backup testing.

Cloud Services benefits to IT channel partners

What’s the point of saving backups if you don’t know if you can restore them?

Being able to restore backups is our priority! 

We test your clients’ Cloud backups

We check the consistency of the chain, test backups can be booted and monitor it all in real-time in the Cloud.

Starter Kit: Attractive price for SMBs

Cloud backup is now accessible to all organisations with our Starter Kit.

NetJapan Cloud is not mandatory

Some of our services and be used together with your own private Cloud or using RDX rotating drives.

Integrates with existing IT services

You already offer managed services? Just add the NetJapan Cloud Services or the Starter Kit to the existing service package.

Exclusive to the IT Channel

All deals are made through IT Resellers, VARs, Managed Service Providers, and not directly to end-customers.

Check Cloud backup status 24/7

Check your clients Cloud backup at any time on our web Partner Portal.

Tailored packages

Choose your services, including our Cloud storage or not, the live monitoring…

3-2-1 backup strategies made easy to implement

Create 3 copies of your data. store your copies at least 2 types of storage devices and with 1 of these them offsite.

Start your managed service portfolio now!

Not offering IT services yet? This is a great and simple opportunity to start: all-in-hand offer, no investment required. Generate steady recurring incomes!

From experts to experts

All our services are given by technicians, all experts in the Backup and Disaster Recovery sector for over 10 years.

Do not miss our special offer. We even configure it all for you!

Chat with us or email us for any question you may have!


How long does it take to transfer backups?

Calculate the transfer time from your office to an offsite location including NetJapan Cloud, depending on your bandwidth and backup file size. This will allow you to choose if you prefer to send the full backup (the initial and larger file) via the Internet or if you prefer to send it out via post or courier.

What storage space is needed for my backups?

Calculate the approximate size of storage space your backups will use in NetJapan Cloud, when configuring ActiveImage Protector with the level 2 deduplication.

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