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No time? Monitor your backups automatically

All your clients' backups managed in a central web RMM console

Everything is in the Server-Eye Remote Monitoring & Management console

The Server-Eye centralised console, also called OCC, is accessible from a web browser, meaning from anywhere. 

A new update of Server-Eye widens the different types of queries (information, status) that can be done in real time:


  • ActiveImage Protector
    • Backup task status
    • ActiveImage Protector Service
    • Licence status (version)

  • ImageCenter LE
    A patch (see below) is available. The following features can now be monitored in real time by Server-Eye. It does not require a system restart.
    • ImageCenter LE Service
    • Replication
    • Consolidation
    • Backupverification
    • BootCheck (backup bootability verification) *

  • vStandby AIP
    • vStandby service
    • Conversion task: standby systems ready to be started in an instant in the event of a disaster

  • From a web browser, Server-Eye sensors also allow you to
    • Push-install ActiveImage Protector agents from a different network
    • Distribute a preconfigured backup task (further information below)
    • Set up alerts by email and on your smartphone in case of errors

Test it now

ActiveImage Protector configuration tips

In the global overview, it is recommended to give a name to each task. This will show events with error codes for each backup job and make it easier to identify which machine is affected.


You can find the list of error codes here.

Is my Server-Eye already compatible for this advanced integration with NetJapan?

  • It is necessary to have the new Server-Eye plugin in order to be able to deploy ActiveImage Protector. This plugin is called "Managed NetJapan┬« Backup" and will automatically deploy the mimimal installation (Backup Agent + ImageExplorer) of the latest ActiveImage Protector build, without automatic reboot of the machine.
  • A patch is required to monitor ImageCenter in real time. You can download it here.


* BootCheck is not supported so far but will be soon.


What preconfigured task can be deployed from the Server-Eye console?

This preconfigured task includes default scheduling with standard compression. It schedules a full backup every Friday at 8pm with incrementals every 2 hours Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm. The retention is 3 sets (3 weeks in this case).


How to benefit from it?

Server-Eye RMM console is included as part of NetJapan local & Cloud backup services, or if you are already a Server-Eye user, directly add the NetJapan specific sensor from the list of available sensors on your console.


Server-Eye not only monitors backup activities

Monitor all systems in order to detect overloads before they can become a problem, for example:

Save even more time!

We have more to tell you: keep watching this space and we will reveal more ways you can save time around backup and disaster recovery strategies.

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