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Solutions for Small and Medium sized businesses

Searching for the best backup solution for your small or medium sized company?

SMBs with from 1 to 250 employees represent 99% of all European businesses! If you are one of these 20 million companies, we understand how important it is for you to protect your data and assets. We realise that not everyone is an IT expert and that you cannot always afford expensive software or to outsource your IT requirements. We also know that when disaster hits, you cannot risk being deprived of access to your data or client base for too long as it will have a big impact on your income.

We have the right backup solutions for you!

Below is a list of NetJapan's solutions for small and medium sized businesses that can protect both physical and virtual platforms as well as virtual environments such as VMware ESXi and Hyper-V.


  • ActiveImage Protector Desktop
    To protect a Windows laptop or workstation.
  • ActiveImage Protector SBS
    For Windows Essentials, Windows SBS and Windows Foundation servers.
  • ActiveImage Protector Server
    For Windows servers.
  • vStandby
    Creates a standby replica of your physical or virtual Windows environment that can be booted as a replacement server within minutes of a disaster.
  • ActiveImage Protector Linux
    For companies with servers running CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


  • ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition - Single
    Protect any single Windows or Linux VM running in any hypervisor
  • ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition - Cloud
    Protect up to 5 VMs on the same host or across multiple hosts or hypervisors
  • ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V Enterprise
    Agentless protection for an unlimited number of virtual machines on a Microsoft Hyper-V host. 

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