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Protect your PCs and laptops

How can I quickly and easily backup my home pc or tablet?

If you are asking yourself this question then you have come to the right place!
Our solutions not only save all your files and folders but also your Operating System and all the programs and applications you have installed on your device.

Should you accidentally lose or delete a few files, folders, or maybe a photo or video, you can easily restore them in only a few minutes.

In the event your computer crashes and will not start due to a hardware or software failure, you can use NetJapan ActiveImage Protector to easily restore everything that was on your computer, including all your programs, files, folders, data, photos, videos and even Windows itself, without having to touch a Windows installation CD or USB!


  • Easy installation and setup, no need to be an IT expert!
  • Protects everything on your device, including all your data, the OS, installed apps and programs
  • Set & Forget, configure it once and let it run making continuous automated backups
  • Choose the version you wish to restore from a list of incremental backup points
  • Protects against mistakes, retrieve deleted or corrupted files again in seconds
  • Protects against large disasters such as hardware failure and can restore an entire machine in minutes
  • Protects against theft and natural disasters with offsite replication to up to 3 different locations included as standard
  • Integrates with popular Cloud storage providers


  • Sector-based backups
  • Program automated backups down to every 10 minutes if you wish
  • Restore individual files in seconds
  • Restore an entire PC or laptop in minutes
  • Restore to different hardware, no matter what brand
  • Email notification in case of backup failure
  • Offsite replication to up to 3 different locations
  • ...and more...

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