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Windows backup & DR tools for IT Professionals

The IT Professional's tool for Windows, VMware and Linux!

Use NetJapan’s ActiveImage Protector IT Pro Edition software as a bootable CD or USB flash drive to create backups of productive Windows machines before making any changes. If anything goes wrong, you will be able to quickly restore everything back to exactly how it was before, including the OS, applications and data - everything!

Need to migrate a VMware ESXi host or Linux server? No problem! Use ActiveImage Protector IT Pro Edition to create cold backups or even migrate VMware ESXi hosts, including their VMs, and Linux Servers. 

Whether on a CD or USB drive, the IT Pro Edition is perfect for:

  • Avoiding unnecessary headaches by creating a backup before making changes to a physical or virtual system
  • Migration to new or different hardware
  • Migration from physical to virtual environments
  • Quickly creating test environments
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