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Fast backup and recovery for Windows Essentials and Foundation servers


The new ActiveImage Protector 2018 is here!

  • NEW Virtual Standby Availability: Creates automatically updated boot points with scheduled incremental snapshots directly to a VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V Host. When a disaster strikes, the virtual standby replica (VSR) can be instantly started (in two minutes according to our test result).
  • Post-backup processing including BootCheck™ and consolidation: Automatically ensures backup images are bootable using Microsoft Hyper-V, saving system resource and time. As part of ImageCenter installer (including in ActiveImage Protector 2018), it can be installed on any machine of the network to offload the BootCheck tasks to a dedicated system, greatly reducing resource demands on the backup source machine.
  • Updated and improved P2V, V2P, P2P, and V2V processing
  • Enhanced Full-state file recovery retains access rights.
  • Supports Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

ActiveImage Protector Small Business Server - specifically created for SMBs 

While smaller companies may not have the same sized budgets for backup and disaster recovery as larger companies, that does not mean that their data is any less important!

ActiveImage Protector Small Business Server Edition is specifically tailored to meet the business continuity needs of companies using Windows Essentials, Windows Foundation and Windows SBS servers. 

ActiveImage Protector Small Business Server Edition ensures all your data and critical information is protected and can be quickly and easily restored, while also complying with European Data Protection regulations.

With ActiveImage Protector 2018, small and medium sized businesses are now able to benefit from instant availability of their data, systems and databases without having to paying a fortune.

Main features


Virtual Standby Availability

ActiveImage Protector 2018 includes vStandby virtual standby replica to recover your machine in less than 2 minutes in VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V, with no performance loss. It also work alongside any backup solution!

2 minute restore

Your server available in 2 minutes 

When disaster strikes, our ImageBoot add-on boots your server as a virtual machine in two minutes, allowing you to benefit from near-zero downtime!

incremental backups every 10 minutes

Backup made every 5 minutes

Protect your data, programs and OS with regular incremental backups every 5 minutes that contain only the changes made since the last backup.

flexible high speed recovery

Quickly recover from disaster

Recover individual files and folders in seconds. Restore a complete system after a virus attack, hardware failure or even more extreme disasters, in minutes instead of days!

Safeguard backups both onsite and offsite

For extra protection, use ImageCenter LE to replicate your backup files to as many onsite or offsite locations as you would like, including to your home, your IT Service Provider's data centre or in the Cloud.

unparalleled inline deduplication

Fast deduplication 

Deduplication is performed inline while a backup is created without effecting backup and restore times or server performance.

Backup features

  • Image-based backups
    Backup and protect not only your files but also your programs, applications and the entire operating system!
  • Hot snapshots
    No need to shut down your server when making a backup, ActiveImage Protector performs hot full and incremental image backups.
  • Non-disruptive 
    Your users will not even notice while backups are automatically made in the background!
  • Encrypt your backups
    ActiveImage Protector image files can be secured with AES 256 bit secure encryption and password protection.
  • Save Storage Space 
    Exclude redundant blocks of data using our Inline Data Deduplication and Compression feature that offers zero time penalty on backup creation and restoration.
  • Take control of your server performance
    Define the amount of network bandwidth ActiveImage Protector can use when creating backups to ensure optimal server performance.
  • Email notification
    Set the email notification feature to automatically send an email on success or failure of a backup or when an error is encountered.

Restore & Migration features

  • Recover lost or corrupt files and folders in seconds
    Mount your backup image as a local drive to extract files and folders, or share it as a disk on a network.
  • Restore entire servers
    Save time; quickly restore your entire Windows Essentials, Foundation or SBS Server including the Operating System, Microsoft Exchange, SQL databases, all your files and folders – everything!
  • Restore to different hardware
    Need to swap-out the mother board, hard-drive, or install a different driver? No problem, use NetJapan’s Architecture Intelligent Restore (A.I.R) feature for care-free recovery!
  • Instant Availability included
    ImageBoot add-on allows you to boot a backup file as a virtual machine in Hyper-V and VMware Workstation/Player/Pro in 2 minutes. You do not need to be an expert in virtual environments to make it work!
  • Fast Bare-Metal recovery
    Dramatically speeds up disaster recovery.
  • 1 click virtualisation saves you time.
  • Improved system recovery for GPT/EFI for bare metal environments.
  • Migrate to different hardware or hypervisor
    Use the Architecture Intelligent Restore (A.I.R.) feature to restore to similar or different hardware and hypervisors.
  • Create test environments
    Create test machines based on live, productive servers using ImageBoot and vStandby AIP.
  • Includes a Linux based Recovery Environment (AIPBE)
    Create cold backups using the recovery environment. This boot environment is available as an ISO file, on optical media or on a USB key for maximum flexibility.
  • Boot ActiveImage Protector’s recovery environment directly from your hard drive
    With the Pre-Boot Recovery Environment, no need of an external device or optical drive.
  • Includes an additional WinPE-based boot environment builder
    Requires Windows ADK and AIK to be installed
  • Restore multiple source images to multiple target disks in a single operation
  • Restore with drag & drop
    Select and restore a system volume by dragging the volume image to the target disk. Then, select an incremental data volume image from a different date or backup source for a complete recovery.

Additional features

  • Command line execution
    Most features can be launched directly through the command line.
  • Easy to use
    Managing automated backup and recovery tasks is simple thanks to our easy-to-use setup wizards.
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Technical information and documentation

Start protecting your physical or virtual Windows Essentials, Windows Foundation or Windows Small Business Server today by downloading and installing a fully functional 30 day trial of ActiveImage Protector Small Business Server Edition. Not only will you be protecting your server, but also your whole company. Use the recovery environment to restore it to the same, similar or different hardware or to a virtual environment!

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