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Webinars & online events

Join our live product demonstration webinars

Discover NetJapan's backup, disaster recovery and instant availability solutions for Windows and Linux, hardware or virtual environments. 

Our live webinars run between 20 and 60 minutes. Each is hosted by a qualified NetJapan technician who will provide a complete demonstration of our products and answer all of your questions. Webinars are open to IT Resellers, Service Providers and End-Users.

I want to register for the following webinars (in English):

Webinar topics

Onsite & offsite Instant DR for mixed environments – 40 mins

Web Conference of 40 minutes presented by Mrs. Tammie Coles, NetJapan Alliance Manager, and Mr. Martin Widera, NetJapan support engineer.

  • What is Instant Disaster Recovery?
  • Instant DR in a heterogeneous environments: Onsite & Offsite
  • Demonstration of new vStandby AIP solution
  • Your Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Q&A

Recommended for CEOs, CTOs, Sales and IT technicians. This web conference includes the different aspects of Instant Disaster Recovery, how to implement it and how to financially take advantage of this new market trend.

Virtual RoadShow – 2h30

    Participate to our Virtual RoadShow without moving from your office and understand all the challenges & opportunities Instant Availability can bring to your business and your clients!

    • Reality check-up: Why backup strategies need to be updated
    • 2 scenarios and demonstrations on how to best setup your backup strategy and software nowadays, including recommendations and how to avoid setup mistakes
      • Rotate USB and RDX
      • Replicate offsite
    • Restore challenges for resellers with mixed physical and virtual clients’ environments
    • Backup, Restore, Instant Availability, Failover: what are the difference and when/how to use it?
    • Q&A

    This 2h30 Virtual RoadShow includes a general presentation as well as technical demonstrations, exposed by Mrs. Tammie Coles, NetJapan Alliance Manager, and Mr. Richard Zinner, NetJapan CTO, and will go in details into difference case scenarios. We 10 min break is planned in the middle of the session.

    Recommended for CEOs, CTOs, Sales and technicians. Special session for IT Resellers and Managed Service Providers.

    Replicate & Consolidate offsite with ImageCenter LE - 30 mins

    • Find out how to use the latest version of ImageCenter LE
    • Learn how to replicate to one or different locations: onsite, offsite, in the Cloud, via FTP, WebDAV or even directly to Amazon S3
    • When should you consolidate backup chains and how to do so

    Recommended for technician who need to implement a 2nd copy of their backups to a different location. 

    ActiveImage Protector for Windows featuring ImageBoot failover - 45 mins

    • Watch a brief product overview and learn the differences between ActiveImage Protector 2016 versions
    • Discover how to create a backup job including retention, deduplication, encryption.
    • Learn how to recover files and folders in minutes with the 1 click mount experience.
    • Find out how to create your Recovery CD which will allow you to recover entire systems from scratch and restore them to a different or similar hardware, as well as during virtualisation processes.
    • Learn how to use ImageBoot to restore your full systems in seconds and be up and running in no time.
    • Ask questions throughout the session.

    Recommended for technical engineers looking to optimise their ActiveImage Protector tests and knowledge.

    Flexible Recovery options with the Architecture Intelligent Restore (AIR) - 30 mins

    When using ActiveImage Protector to protect any Windows Operating system, our backup software comes automatically with our free Recovery Environment (including trial versions), in order for you to operate a bare metal restore; we call it the "Architecture Intelligent Restore" (AIR) feature.

    AIR feature allows a lot of flexibility during restore and migration processes. Not only it allows you to restore your entire system (including OS, programs, applications and data) to a brand new and different hardware, but it can also be used for failback and migrations: P2V, V2V, V2P.

    In this session, learn how to:

    • Create the Free WinPE Recovery Environment
    • Restore to different hardware
    • Migrate to a virtual machine

    Recommend for technical engineers and administrators who are responsible for the backup and disaster recovery processes of their company or clients.

    Do you prefer a private NetJapan backup and disaster recovery webcast?

    If you have not found any convenient time, theme or product demonstration for your needs, feel free to request an online webcast with one of our technician. This service is free-of-charge.

    Please allow us up to 2 working days to contact you and agree on a convenient date and time. (We usually would contact you the same day than your request to verify with you our technical engineer availabilities.)

    Fill in the form below and select "Request an online product demo". In the Message field, please specify what you would like us to attend during the webcast.

    Request a private online product demo

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