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Videos & Screenshots

Watch & Learn how to protect your company and become a Disaster Recovery expert

We regularly create new videos to help you test, evaluate, use and learn more about NetJapan's backup and disaster recovery solutions. To stay up-to-date, subscribe to our YouTube channel or come back to this page often.

Discover ActiveImage Protector


ActiveImage Protector 2018 for Windows screenshots

ImageBoot 3.0 screenshots

Boot instantly in a VM

Select backup file to boot

Choose hypervisor

ImageCenter LE 3.0 screenshots

Main user interface

ImageBoot Test

Consolidate backup files

Replication schedule options

Choose the offsite replication target

ActiveImage Protector 2016 for Hyper-V Enterprise

vStandby AIP screenshots

Create a vStandby profile

You can review information about the backup source machine included in the backup image. 

Select backup image files

You can set tasks for AIP image file sets.

The image sets are displayed in a tree structure, making it easy to select any of the incremental files. 

Select target Host

You can connect to the ESXi host where the Standby virtual machines will be created and select the host which is allocated to vCenter.

Automatically create Boot points according to a schedule you define:

  1. Each time a new file is added to the watched folder.
  2. When the number of new backup image files reaches a defined number.
  3. On specific days and/or at a specific time of day.

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