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PacificNet Co, Ltd recommends NetJapan

"Our backup time was reduced by 60% by implementing ActiveImage Protector as our imaging backup solution"

Mr. Kazuhide Sugano
Head of Information Technology - PacificNet Co.,Ltd
"In December of 2010, PacificNet Co., Ltd changed its backup solution to ActiveImage Protector software. We are currently using ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition."

The three major reasons why we switched to ActiveImage Protector:

  • Attractive pricing
    With ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition - Unlimited, one licence covers all the virtual machines running on the same host, without additional cost. The total cost for backing up our systems has been greatly reduced.
  • Support that imparts peace of mind
    Support is provided by very knowledgeable technicians, backed by the software developers themselves. They are quick to respond and give very accurate solutions. That gives us greater peace of mind.
  • Intuitive and easy to use
    Overall, the software is very intuitive, so much so that documentation is not really necessary. Even people who aren't IT Specialists were able to start using the software right after installation, leading to reductions in training time and costs.

PacificNet Co.Ltd

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