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Toshiba Electronics manages data loss with NetJapan

"We are impressed by NetJapan's impressive results compared to our previous tape backup solution!"

Taiwan Toshiba Electronics, a subsidiary of the Japanese Toshiba Group is mainly responsible for sales of semiconductor products. 
Although the ERP system is located at the Japanese headquarters, the company still employes a number of application servers which consist of 20 Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines spread over 4 physical servers.

Previously, a tape backup solution was used to protect databases, files and to archive the data.

ActiveImage Protector was recommended to Toshiba Electronics by Acer software services and with the collaboration of General Advanced Technology Inc. (GATI) to simplify backup procedures and improve system recovery speed.

The three major reasons why we switched to ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V Enterprise:

  • Physical and virtual servers are simultaneously backed up
    When our database exceeded 30GB, backups had to be performed after business hours to avoid affecting the performance of our application servers. With data increasing every day, our IT department was unable to cope with daily backups.
    Our minimum requirements were to be able to perform complete backup of physical and virtual servers simultaneously every hour to a hard drive. The nice-to-have features were deduplication and compression.
    ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V Enterprise host-based solution fulfills it all!
  • The built-in data deduplication reduces our backup files by 60 to 70%
    One of the biggest advantages of ActiveImage Protector is the free inclusion of the data deduplication and compression feature, which allows up to a 60 to 70% savings in storage space.
    Besides, in the past, copying a 31GB database file took about 13 minutes; now, with NetJapan's solution and its incremental files, it only takes 4 minutes!
  • Not only virtual machines are protected but the entire hosts too!
    We can now perform a live recovery of a virtual machine using ReZoom and Seamless Hot Restore technologies in a few minutes without shutting down the computer and without affecting daily operations. ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V Enterprise also protects and backs up the Microsoft Hyper-V host, so if any major disaster was to occur, we would be able to recover it all without losing a lot of time.
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